Shalom Ormsby Images, Inc: VFX Student or Graduate

Location: San Rafael, CA


Company: Shalom Ormsby Images, Inc  
Address: 8 Dias Way, San Rafael, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-Time, Paid


I’m looking for one or more people to help with ongoing VFX / mograph / animation projects. The ideal candidate is imaginative, skilled with 3D design and animation tools, and – very importantly – is a good communicator and enjoys working in and contributing to a creative, positive environment. 

We’ll be working on projects similar to these (these aren’t my works, they’re just examples): 


If you’re interested, please include the following in your reply: 
1) Your resume, including a list of the 3D design, animation & VFX apps that you are skilled at using
2) Examples of your VFX projects that you’ve worked on
3) Please tell me a big about yourself. What are your goals? What would you like to be doing in five years, and what would that look like?


Work closely with lead artist to create digital assets for ongoing VFX / mograph / animation projects.


1) Good communicator
2) Developed and demonstrated motion graphics and VFX skills
3) Skilled with Cinema 4D or comparable 3D design tools. Experience with ZBrush a plus.
4) Skilled with After Effects. Experience with the Trapcode a plus. 
5) Experience with 3D camera tracking a big plus.
6) Has a passion for creativity and is a lifelong learner.


How To Apply:

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Job post found here:


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