Zoic Studios: Intern

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Zoic Studios Los Angeles seeks Interns for January through April 2013

Zoic Studios is a medium-sized, award-winning post-production company that primarily focuses on the creation and execution of high-end visual effects for television, broadcast, feature and game cinematic work.

We are looking for a few good interns for our upcoming January through April 2013 session.

Interns are unpaid, but only work 16 hours per week. There are no late nights and no weekend shifts. Usually, interns work two days on eight-hour shifts within the Monday through Friday work week. School credit is highly encouraged, but we’re open to meeting with anyone who is looking to get a foot in the door in the visual effects and post-production industry.

Interns primarily perform administrative tasks and local runs for the studio. In exchange, we offer a mentor to each intern, weekly guest lecture discussion groups and the opportunity to complete an intern project. Additional bonuses include a full service kitchen with free food, access to the latest software/technology tools and an insider’s look at how a visual effects company runs on a day-to-day basis. With runs being a part of the internship, a car or motorcycle and a valid driver’s license is required for all applicants. If you’re getting around L.A. without a car or motorcycle, we commend you, but unfortunately all interns must have a reliable source of transportation to participate. A percentage of your mileage will be reimbursed each month.

To find out more about Zoic, please visit our website at www.zoicstudios.com and take note that this internship is for Los Angeles location only. Resume, reels and/or portfolios can be submitted to internships@zoicstudios.com for review. There is an interview and selection process that takes place before choosing our incoming group.

Interns do not have to have a visual effects background to apply. While an interest in visual effects is encouraged, we would also like to meet aspiring producers, production managers, directors, writers, programmers, app developers and anything in between! We are a company filled with different personalities and skill sets and the key is finding individuals who share our unique vision of visual evolution.


Job post found here: http://www.creativeplanetnetwork.com/forums/showthread.php?128247-Zoic-Studios-Los-Angeles-seeks-Interns-for-January-through-April-2013


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