Riot Games: Internships (Application due TODAY)

Location: Santa Monica or St. Louis


We’re looking for a few great interns for the summer of 2013. If you’re an ambitious undergrad or grad student who shares our passion for games (especially League of Legends) and are eager to get into scrapes with challenging work, think about spending your summer with us.

Interns will join a specific team (see below for the list of teams that would like to host interns this summer). Each hosting team will supply its interns with meaty projects, honest mentorship and lots of opportunity to get to know Riot Games overall. Interns will playtest new champions and features, gain first-hand experience serving on the front lines of player support, attend leadership seminars and industry education via Riot U, and enjoy events with the rest of Riot including Show and Tell, Riot Rumble, LoL skills training and early new movie screenings.

Read on for info on available internships, deets on how to apply and answers to frequently asked questions.


The application deadline for summer 2013 internships is March 15. Applications received after this date won’t be eligible for a summer 2013 internship, though we occasionally have one or two internships available at other times of the year.   

Check out the internships below to learn more and apply . Before you apply, we’d encourage you to read through this page for helpful information that’ll increase your chances at landing one of the few internship spots we’ll have available this summer.

Every application must include a cover letter and your resume. In your application pitch, share why you’re interested in Riot, what you want to learn and what we can learn from you. Help us understand why you’re right for the team that you’re interested in by sharing what you’ve done that’s truly above and beyond and how that may relate to a specific internship opportunity.  For example, if you’re an artist, slay us with your killer portfolio. If you’re an engineer, show us code you wrote from that project that got you the A+. If you see Game Design in your future, maybe a carefully crafted, well-argued analysis of a current League of Legends design challenge is the way to our hearts. There are 99 ways to impress us, but an average pitch ain’t one.

We recognize that a great internship application takes time and effort, so we promise to return the favor of your effort with a response within a month.


Apply for an internship that best matches your talents, skills, interests and goals. Below you’ll find the areas of Riot that are looking for interns for summer 2013.

Job posting and FAQ here:


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