MPC: Global First Step VFX Internship

  • Location: Soho, London or Vancouver
  • Deadline: April 27, 2013
  • Paid: Yes, stipend

With offices all over the globe, MPC (Moving Picture Company) is one of the world’s leading visual effects (VFX) studios, creating high-end VFX for the advertising and feature film industries. We are constantly looking for the best talents in the world, enthusiastic people that come to work every day with the desire to be a part of some of the best work in the VFX industry.

What is First Step?
Always keen to encourage new talent into the industry, we ensure that we focus on providing opportunities for aspiring artists and technicians to work on some of the most exciting films out there. Do you see yourself corralling zombies? Battling aliens? Destroying cities? Taking care of giant lizards? Here at MPC you could do all of that and more. How? By applying for our Internship scheme First Step, the MPC paid 8 week internship over the summer period of 2013.

How do I get involved? 
There are a limited number of places so we will be asking you to submit your most up to date show-reel and resume online, via our website. The best-judged show reel will be invited for an interview and, if successful, you’ll be offered a place on the First Step scheme. You’ll be working in a live production environment with the support and guidance of the industry’s most experienced visual effects professionals – including your own MPC mentor.

How do I qualify?
For the London First Step scheme:

  • Entrants must be due to graduate in either summer 2014 or 2015 and be available during July-August 2013 to be based in our studio in Soho, London, (UK).

For the Vancouver First Step scheme:

  •  Entrants must be due to graduate in either summer 2013 or 2015 and be available during July-August 2013 to be based in our studio in Yale Town, Vancouver, (Canada).

We are particularly interested in seeing applications from people interested in:

  • Assets (Tech Anim and Rigging)

  • Animation
  • Compositing
  • Lighting

  • FX

  • Software Development

You will also need to be familiar with Maya and/or Nuke and either hold a valid student visa that gives you permission to work in the region you are applying for or be a resident of that region (EU or Canada).

What can I expect?

8 week summer school at MPC
MPC First Step students will get to spend 8 weeks living in the city and working alongside artists at MPC on actual film shots. You will receive live feedback from experienced artists on your work and gain valuable insight into life at a world class VFX facility. Joining us on the 1st July, you’ll spend summer enjoying the best of MPC learning about the visual effects pipeline and practicing your skills on some of the best film projects around. In addition to working full time in your chosen department you will also be introduced to other teams at MPC in weekly presentations and have the opportunity to socialise with the people who create some of the most incredible film visual effects in the world!

Final year mentoring from experienced artists at MPC

Once you have returned to your studies, the senior artists you meet during the summer school will keep in touch to help out with online mentoring from them and the team at MPC. This regular feedback will help shape and influence your final year projects, preparing you for life at MPC after you graduate.

Entry level role within a department at MPC after graduation

The ultimate goal for any student! We will be offering students who successfully complete the summer school and their studies the chance to join MPC in any entry Level position after you graduate.

What do I do now?
If you’ve found this page then we are open for applications and you simply need to click on the link in the apply now section and follow the instructions to fill in your details online. The closing date is the 27th April 2013 and we will be announcing this year’s lucky interns on the 4th of May 2013.

All applications must be submitted online so please make sure your reel playback (e.g. Vimeo) works on multiple browser formats. You’ll also need to provide a show-reel breakdown that tells us how the work was created, which software you used and what you feel you learned from each piece of work. 

If you would like some guidance in putting your reel together then our top five tips are:

  1. Keep it short (around the 2 minute mark is best)
  2. Keep it specific (want to animate? Then we only need to see animation!)
  3. Keep it simple (no fancy name card required!)
  4. Keep it clear (identify your own and others’ work if you have worked on a group project)
  5. Keep it relevant (we’re a VFX studio and not a feature animation studio)

Please also ensure that your CV contain your degree/course title, year of graduation, software skills and specifies which area you are most interested in (Assets, Animation, Compositing etc.).

Apply online

•    London Internship
•    Vancouver Internship

Where can I find out more?

You can meet recent interns by clicking here and find out what they up to during their 8 weeks at MPC.

If all of this hasn’t persuaded you that MPC is going to make summer 2013 one you will never forget! There is more information about this opportunity here: Frequently Asked Questions to help you make the decision to want to be part of MPC. 

If after all of that you still have questions or concerns then please get in touch with us at: Please don’t send us your application though, it’s much easier for us if you can follow the above instructions to apply online.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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