Walt Disney Animation Studios: Summer Interns

  • Location: Burbank, CA
  • Deadline: Monday, April 16 at 11:59 PM PST
  • Dates: Summer 2013
  • Length: 3- or 6- months
  • Paid: Yes



Join us for an opportunity to work behind the scenes, experience the art of animation and be a part of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Our Filmmaker-driven studio inspires a multi-discipline team to explore and innovate traditional animation and CG films, shorts, and special projects. Opportunities are available for students of art and animation, fine art and design, computer graphics, engineering, production, and general film studies. Two tracks take students and recent graduates through the art of filmmaking and animation support: the Talent Development Program and the Summer Internship Program.


Talent Development Program: Graduating Students

The Talent Development Program is available for recent graduates of undergraduate or graduate programs (within three years of graduation date) for a 3- or 6-month paid position at Walt Disney Animation Studios. The Talent Development Program offers participants a chance to understand the depth of their new skills, refine and strengthen key areas, apply them in our real world environment, and work under the guidance of a Disney Mentor. Talent Development Program is based in our Burbank, California offices. Talent Development Trainees are assigned to a specific discipline such as:

  • Story
  • Visual Development
  • Modeling
  • Animation
  • Layout
  • Texture Painting
  • Background Painting
  • Effects Animation
  • Lighting & Compositing
  • Technical Director – Character
  • Technical Director – Hair/Cloth
  • Technical Director – Look
  • Technical Director – Effects
  • Technical Director – Pipeline
  • Production Management
  • Post Production

Art & Production Summer Internship Program: Students Returning to School in the Fall

Join us for your summer break! Our eight-week Summer Art & Production Intern Program is designed specifically for students who will be returning to school in the fall. As an intern, you will have the unique opportunity to work directly with a Disney mentor as you explore all aspects of art, storytelling, and filmmaking. Your internship will also allow you to meet and collaborate with a talented group of students from around the globe and become part of a multi-disciplinary team focused on both individual and group projects. This once-in-a-lifetime undergraduate program will give you an incredible hands-on experience that will expand your creative horizons and benefit you throughout your entire career.


Technology Internship Program

The Technology Internship Program at our Burbank, California offices, is a 3-month experience through our tools and applications, challenging Interns with specific projects related to various areas of our pipeline. Under the guidance of a Disney Mentor, Interns will take on projects with start dates that vary from Spring, Summer, and/or Fall of each year. A strong interest in animation and/or graphics, as well as skills in computer systems is helpful for the best experience.


Create a profile with Disney Animation. Make sure to apply under Open Positions for “Internship Program” or “Talent Development Program”.

For additional Internship Opportunities within the Walt Disney Studios, please click here.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job posting: http://www.disneyanimation.com/careers/student


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