COMPANY: The Franklin Institute


REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s Degree with 1-4 years experience developing media. Ability to quickly learn new programming languages and techniques. Student and/or professional experience in interactive software development with a focus on incorporating audio, video, and digital electronics. Use of creative technologies including Processing, OpenFrameWorks, Arduino, Kinect, C/CC++.

DUTIES: The Digital Media Developer will utilize their creative programming skills that integrate audio, video, motion, with user interface design to create unique visitor experiences that translate into the physical space. He/she will conceive, program and design interactive media experiences for science museum exhibits and special projects. He/she will work closely with a team of scientists and the design team to brainstorm, storyboard, program and/or customize software to prototype interactive experiences for testing and evaluation. The digital media developer will use all mediums of interactive digital media, including software, hardware, and web-based platforms, and is expected to understand and adopt new technologies as they become available. He/she will work closely with technical and exhibit designers to integrate technology into physical spaces. He/she will serve as a member of the core team for the development and design of capital campaign exhibit projects and creative services projects as assigned.


  • Participate in brainstorming sessions, developing storyboards and sketches to clearly communicate ideas.
  • Program and customize software to build interactive media experiences.
  • Work with outside media producers to ensure final production meets design standards.
  • Collaborate with content developers to communicate science content.
  • Collaborate with graphic designers to integrate graphic interface within digital media experiences.
  • Maintain an organized and professional workshop, keeping inventory of all computers and hardware.
  • Research technologies and equipment necessary to implement final designs within exhibits.
  • Provide prototype documentation (including source code, screen shots, digital assets, photos, and video) for both internal use and delivery to external media producers.

COMPENSATION: Full-Time, Monday-Friday, 8:45AM-5:15PM, 37.5 hours per week.

HOW TO APPLY: Donna Batch-Claiborne


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