Hornet: Summer Internship



At Hornet, we believe in actively developing and encouraging new talent. Now going into its sixth semester, the Hornet internship program gives young artists a chance to get hands-on experience in a supportive environment. We match interns with projects based on their area of interest and level of expertise. 

The ideal intern is someone who is passionate about their craft, eager to learn, and excited about all that Hornet has to offer. If you are a recent graduate, new to the industry, or in your final year of schooling we urge you to apply. Read on for specific details of this semester’s opportunities. 


The Hornet internship is full time and spans approximately four months based around the academic school year. Exact start and end dates will depend on the intern. Working full time is key to this program since it allows the intern to be assigned to real productions. If you are unable to commit to a regular forty-hour work week please hold off applying until you can. 


Our intention is that interns be assigned to active productions. This is a central part of the Hornet internship experience. Under the careful watch of our department leads and directors, interns will be able to practice their craft while benefitting from regular critiques from industry pros. Additionally, their contributions to real projects will help expand their personal portfolios. 

Aside from project specific assignments interns may also be engaged in a variety of other tasks including creating pitch materials, revamping internal presentation templates, organizing asset libraries, and other jobs that may arise. 


The Editor/Compositor intern will assist Editors in their daily execution of projects from research, cutting animatics, cutting in renders, outputting/compressing files to post to client. They will work closely with the Public Relations Coordinator, Production Coordinator, and Executive Producer on asset prep, reel creation, file format conversion and festival submissions. This person will also assist production teams on shoots, help facilitate pickups and deliveries.
Software/Skill Requirements: 
– Strong knowledge of post production pipeline for live action, using industry camera such as RED, Alexa and Canon 5D. 
– Experience being “On the Set” to assist production team, not limited to: script supervisor, technical assistant logging shots, basic media management, production assistant. 
– Full knowledge of Apple Final Cut Pro 7, to cut animatics, pre-vis, finished edit timeline integrating sound design, with ability to compress onto various file formats & compressions for delivery to clients using Apple Compressor. 
– Working knowledge of Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. 
– Basic knowledge of Avid Media Composer. 
– Understanding of Broadcast Safety Standards, Vectorscope, Waveform monitor, Color theory and basic knowledge of color correcting and NLE workflow.

The Fabrication Intern will work out of the Houston Street studio and the workshop in DUMBO. This person needs to have an arts and crafts background. Experience in 2D animation is a plus. Knowledge of 3D animation is also a plus. Given the nature of this position, the ideal candidate needs to be self-sufficient and be able to work with little oversight. Taking the initiative and problem solving should be second nature to this person.
Software/Skill Requirements:
– Fine art skills
– Fabrication, model building
– Craft skills
– Stop Motion animation
– Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
– Adobe Flash a plus
– Adobe After Effects a plus
– Maya a plus


How to Apply

To apply, send your resume, a link to your reel, and an email answering the questions below to internship@hornetinc.com. Please state the position you are applying for in your subject line. Improperly addressed submissions will not be reviewed.

Application Questions: 
1. What is your ultimate career goal?

2. What is the best piece of advice you have been given about purusing a career in art?

3. What superpower would you have, and why?

After all applications have been reviewed, finalists will be chosen and invited to interview. One intern for each department will be selected from the finalists.



Job posting: http://motionographer.com/jobs/jobs/summer-internship-4/


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