New Deal Studios: Internship

Location: Los Angeles CA


The New Deal Studios internship program helps nurture the skills needed for advancement and success both internally and within the larger entertainment industry. Whether you are in school or have just graduated, we are currently offering internships in the following areas of interest:

  • There are 2 digital/production internships
  • There are 2 workshop/production internships
  • The internships take place over 3 academic cycles, Fall, Spring and Summer semesters
  • Our internships pay minimum wage.
  • While here you are covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance.
  • We require a commitment of at least 10-hours per week
  • We are flexible with schedules, but we do expect that you set up a schedule and stick to it. You will need to communicate your needs for time off for tests or project deadlines. If you do not communicate to us within 24 hours of changes to your schedule twice, your internship will terminated.


Internships are your boot camp. We will give you opportunities to grow and learn and we learn about you in the process but you are responsible for making the most of what we give you.

Our internships offer hands-on, real world experience on actual projects. You also get one-on-one meetings with our creative directors, supervisors and producers to ask questions and get feedback.

We watch how you approach mundane as well as fun tasks. How you handle these tasks gives us an idea of how you will react on the job. Bring your best game when you apply. We work hard and have fun here.

The goal of our internship program is to make give you the experience of a real production environment, the mentoring necessary to help you make the most of the experience and the creative space to help you refine and realize your career goals.



Workshop Internship Positions:

  • Model makers, sculptors, carpenters, painters, mold shop, mechanical effects, machinists, metal fabricators, and electronics.

Digital Effects Internship Positions:

  • Digital Art Department: set designers, illustrators, storyboard artists (knowledge or Rhino, Modo, and Photoshop are a must. Solidworks is a plus).
  • Matte painters, roto, texture painters, compositors, modeling, 3D effects animation

Digital Art Department Internship Position:

  • Set designers, illustrators, storyboard artists

Production Office Internship Positions:

  • Main Office Intern and/or Production Office Interns

Must have great computer skills, be a great multi-tasker and organized.
This is an opportunity to learn the business side of visual effects and film. Managing the resources and creating a space for all the elements of a project to come together can be as creative as other aspects of film.

You will need to submit the following items for consideration. This is the first step in showing us you can understand and follow directions, so please read carefully and check your work before sending. Please read the <Helpful Hints> section before you begin.

  • Your resume as a properly named PDF file with references included
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers, employers or supervisors of any volunteer work you have done OR two recommendations on LinkedIn.
  • A 1-2 paragraph essay on what has led you to believe that an internship at New Deal Studios would benefit you and why we should select you for an internship. Consider: What is your dream career? What are your artistic passions?
  • Links to any work that lives online that is relevant to your application. These links can be included on your resume or sent in the body of the email.

Send you submission to: No walk-ins or calls please.
Job posting:


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